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MISSION STATEMENT: We strive to promote Volunteerism and Active Citizenship as means to local, European and International Community Development

The ALTIUS European Network for the Promotion of Volunteerism and Active Citizenship was created as a response to the need for Citizens to understand the role that they can play in their local societies and, eventually, in the wider European and global society and to be empowered into becoming more actively involved in issues that concern them and the well-being of society as a whole.

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Taking as starting point the observation that the most direct factor affecting the development of a society are its citizens – members, we found a direct correlation  between active citizenship and volunteerism and the dynamic development of a community, focusing on four pillars of development: 

a. Culture

The culture of tradition, the culture of evolution, the culture of creation. Active Citizenship and volunteerism a means for the creation of cultural focus points that continue the traditions, evolve our society and create new or evolved forms of art.

b. Economy

Active citizenship leads to the economic development of society as a whole. Active citizens take initiatives that directly or indirectly lead to the creation of work placements, the sustainability of societal structures and the development of entrepreneurship. 

c. Harmonious co-existence

Equal treatment, equal opportunities, combating the phenomena that lead to violence, cooperative concept of how we operate as an ensemble, mutual support, mutual respect.

d. Democracy

Respect for citizens' rights, citizenship, elections, civil dialogue and dialogue between civil society organizations and the state, freedom of expression and the integration of all components that constitute the collective culture of society.

General Objectives of the Network

  • To create common activities and campaigns for the promotion of Volunteerism and Active Citizenship
  • To foster and strengthenthe cooperation among its members as well as their mutual capacity building
  • To encourage initiatives which aim at promoting intercultural dialogue, volunteerism and active citizenship
  • To share  good practices, resources, facilities and expertises among its members
  • To support and strengthen local civil society organizations and initiatives
  • To create education tools and open educational resources
  • To promote entrepreneurial culture
  • To advocate for the policies and laws that support the objectives of the network
  • To promote cross-sectorial cooperation in achieving the objectives of the network
  • To support of implementation / fostering of EU policies on life-long learning, volunteerism, and citizens’ involvement
  • To promote non formal learning and its recognition
  • To encourage intergenerational involvement in civil society activities

  K.A.NE., Social Youth Development, is a non-profit organization situated in Kalamata,Greece. It was established in 2008 with the aim to develop activities that foster community development and lifelong learning both at local and international levels, based on non-formal education. Our target group is mainly young people aged 15-35 and people involved in the youth field. The organisation's activities focus on the implementation of educational, and cultural activities, promoting intercultural dialogue, volunteerism, tolerance, active participation and intergenerational cooperation. For this, we have created, using own funds, 2 successful self-funded structures, the Youth Centre of Kalamata, which is open to all Citizens of Kalamata, and the Kalamata Street Festival that embrace the people of Kalamata regardless of their backgrounds (social, ethnic, economic, religion, age etc).

Web:   /  ​Facebook: KANE Κοινωνική Ανάπτυξη Νέων / Social Youth Development


YouNet, Italy, is an innovative, professional and reliable non profit organisation active in the fields of education, training and youths especially in the framework of European programmes. YouNet organises learning mobility and educational activities related to European education, organizational and project management, communication and soft skills, non-formal education, social entrepreneurship and learning mobility aimed to teachers, project managers, trainers and NGOs staff. YouNet cooperates closely with local and regional institutions, especially with Bologna municipality and Emilia-Romagna Region with which YouNet has a formal contract related to the Europe Direct activities.  /  ​Facebook:


Pistes Solidaires Méditerranée (PSM) is an organisation working on the field of non-formal education. It aims at promoting citizenship (equality, tolerance, altruism) in our intercultural society and interdependent world. The organisation is involved in training youngsters as “change makers”, through enabling meetings and exchange between youngsters from different cultures and various horizons.

PSM develops a number of international projects supported by the Erasmus+ program :

  • Sending, hosting and coordinating EVS volunteers
  • International trainings for youth workers
  • Organisation intercultural youth exchanges
  • A strategic partnership aiming at facilitating the integration of young migrants through mentoring

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European Association “World-Our Home”, Latvia is an NGO that works with international and European projects in all fields: social, cultural and educational, since 1999. The main aim of the organization is to promote European citizenship, solidarity, multiculturalism, human rights and non-formal education on local, regional and European level, and to raise European awareness among Latvians, especially in the poorest and most multicultural region in Latvia - Latgale region.

 "World-Our Home" represents the main intercultural meeting-point in Rezekne and surrounding Latgale region. The organization actively participated in the LLP, YiA and EfC programmes. WOH gives people the opportunity to learn foreign languages, get acquainted with different cultures in order to get European awareness, gain more possibilities for social integration into the European community and make successful choice in their career. The organization is collaborating with public, educational institutions and European networks.

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 Association IIC is an organisation founded by persons concerned by strengthening the civil society in Bulgaria. The organisation works to enhance the active participation of local community in the local governance and the decision making process with the purpose to improve the social and economic development of the country. It puts a special focus on development of education and culture projects, promotion of non-formal and informal education, etc. The members of IIC have experience and expertise in developing, implementing and monitoring bilateral and multilateral projects financed by national and foreign donors. They have worked in the field of community development, social and economic development, needs assessments and design of programmes in favour of community and youth development. The association is actively involved, in many cases assumes the leading role, in many formal and nonformal networks. The association is a Head of National Network Anna Lindh Bulgaria.

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Europe House Slavonski Brod (EHSB) is a nongovernmental organization established in September 1998 to promote European and global integration processes and cultural, political and economic integration of Croatia into the European union. One of its main goal is promotion and development of understanding the importance of European interdependence and cooperation, human rights, environmental protection, natural and cultural heritage. The intention of creating a culture of understanding, tolerance and dialogue should be added as well.

EHSB achieves its goal by spreading their ideas not only directly to its members, but also indirectly to all members of the community in which it operates, through the cooperation with complementary organizations, embassies, international cultural institutions, state institutions, local and regional governments.
EHSB develops and implements projects in various local, national and EU programs (Cards, Phare, IPA, ERASMUS+,Youth in Action, Europe for citizens…).

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