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MISSION STATEMENT: We strive to promote Volunteerism and Active Citizenship as means to local, European and International Community Development

The ALTIUS European Network for the Promotion of Volunteerism and Active Citizenship was created as a response to the need for Citizens to understand the role that they can play in their local societies and, eventually, in the wider European and global society and to be empowered into becoming more actively involved in issues that concern them and the well-being of society as a whole.

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Taking as starting point the observation that the most direct factor affecting the development of a society are its citizens – members, we found a direct correlation  between active citizenship and volunteerism and the dynamic development of a community, focusing on four pillars of development: 

a. Culture

The culture of tradition, the culture of evolution, the culture of creation. Active Citizenship and volunteerism a means for the creation of cultural focus points that continue the traditions, evolve our society and create new or evolved forms of art.

b. Economy

Active citizenship leads to the economic development of society as a whole. Active citizens take initiatives that directly or indirectly lead to the creation of work placements, the sustainability of societal structures and the development of entrepreneurship. 

c. Harmonious co-existence

Equal treatment, equal opportunities, combating the phenomena that lead to violence, cooperative concept of how we operate as an ensemble, mutual support, mutual respect.

d. Democracy

Respect for citizens' rights, citizenship, elections, civil dialogue and dialogue between civil society organizations and the state, freedom of expression and the integration of all components that constitute the collective culture of society.

General Objectives of the Network

  • To create common activities and campaigns for the promotion of Volunteerism and Active Citizenship
  • To foster and strengthenthe cooperation among its members as well as their mutual capacity building
  • To encourage initiatives which aim at promoting intercultural dialogue, volunteerism and active citizenship
  • To share  good practices, resources, facilities and expertises among its members
  • To support and strengthen local civil society organizations and initiatives
  • To create education tools and open educational resources
  • To promote entrepreneurial culture
  • To advocate for the policies and laws that support the objectives of the network
  • To promote cross-sectorial cooperation in achieving the objectives of the network
  • To support of implementation / fostering of EU policies on life-long learning, volunteerism, and citizens’ involvement
  • To promote non formal learning and its recognition
  • To encourage intergenerational involvement in civil society activities