During the Act Locally, Think Internationally. Union (S)Elections project, apart from the official international events, parallel activities took place in all partner countries, in order to better promote and maximize the impact of the project at both local, as well as at European level. 


The activities included:

1: Research on the attitudes/tendencies and opinions of the EU citizens towards the EU, the EU citizenship and the EU policies (see link in English: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfxw5bZviBnwd1nitbwRABcJHCm-fgxfNX3nsgOaz8_Wolt0Q/viewform?usp=send_form). The research was inspired by EuroBarometer, but it was more focused on the partners' local communities, was translated into the local languages and personal interviews were conducted for people that were not so familiar with submission of online forms. 

 2. Meetings and debates took place in all countries on common interest themes, that were decided based on the results of the research, as well as during the seminar in Razlog. The themes that were covered were: Democracy, European Integration, Active Citizenship and Participation, Volunteerism, Intecultural dialogue. The coordinators of the debates met online in September 2015, where it was decided that the project would focus on the themes of Active Citizenship and Volunteerism. This was also the first step towards the creation of the ALTIUS network for the promotion of Volunteerism and Active Citizenship.

3. Local activities (workshops, meetings, events) in all countries to promote the 2 chosen themes, Active Citizenship and Volunteerism (see some examples in the articles of this category)

4. Preparation for the creation of the ALTIUS NETWORK for the promotion of Volunteerism and Active Citizenship